Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Why am I starting a blog...


I'm Diogenes and have been posting comments recently in several population genetics and related subjects blogs I read, such as Razib's Gene Expression ; Dienekes Anthropology Blog, Davidski's Eurogenes Project and Zack's Harappa Project.

I named my blog Artemis since I believe the "Neolithic" which shaped our world for the last 10,000 years is now ending. Demeter's shackles are broken.

I'm starting my own Project playing with ADMIXTURE and other programs. I'm not a scientist (even though I work in a field related to biology), but I'll try to substantiate my thoughts whenever possible.

Just as politics and news blogs are not about bringing you 100% credible news from a specialist; this blog is just a podium for ideas and their discussion. I have many more or less substantiated ideas about several subjects. I intend only to contribute in my personal way. The indispensable and proper scientific process is best left for specialists.
But just as blogs can be less conventional and more imaginative if less credible source of news and opinions, so can a blog dedicated to other areas. I don't have academic credibility. I'm not presenting a CV or publication history. But I don't have academic constraints either. I don't need to hide controversial but interesting ideas just because they may be seen as silly by some and may harm my ability to do research in the future.

The internet is connecting intelligent people from different places and allowing discussion of ideas. That's how you make, always made, knowledge. Except now perhaps it's beginning to happen on a different scale.


  1. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Fair premise.

    Indeed, particularly in this field, the need for informed intermediation between specialists and the general public is particularly great, because the whole point of this field is enriching our collective understanding of our past, rather than for direct utilitarian ends.

  3. Good on you.

    You do have a lot of strong opinions. Just remember pots are not people and just because you use a computer does not mean you made it.

    Just keep an open mind.

  4. Very captivating work, count us in and we will be following avidly, Maureen and Vladimir Markov
    (NW Ireland DOD257/IE3 and Central Siberian DOD408/RU11)