Thursday, 5 May 2011

Individual Results for "Basque5"

I've decided to post the "Basque5" individual data after all. I think it's a good departing point and it helps to understand why "Chuvash5" (I'm interpreting it as the cold adapted "Rye"-farmer wave component) or "Basque5" (the warmer river valley dweller, earlier "Wheat"-farmer wave) percentages in one individual may vary quite a bit between runs. ADMIXTURE can give quite different results under different set-ups. This is not a reason for ignoring them, but in my opinion another source of very valuable information. If you keep in mind the framework, some result variability is sometimes enlightening.
"Mesopotamian Core" elements in particular tend to grow and decrease a bit at each other's expense in different runs. This happens due to their great similarity, sharing a common source (possibly in ancient Anatolia).
I want to reiterate that this is a first experimental run, and smaller percentages in an individual have high likelihood of being just noise, and even small percentages in populations are merely indicative.
Also forager elements may be eaten up by other components, or may be representing more exotic admixture in some cases as well (South Asian, East Asian may appear as "Siberian in a few cases).
In addition, I included participants with only European/ME ancestry, but 2nd wave may be eating up any very small non Nile Core African elements in some New World, and perhaps other, individuals, for instance.
Particularly in the "Sardinian5" run, the "Chuvash5" element was I think overestimated in several populations, due to a little deviation of this component towards the what I've been calling the "2nd Wave" element, which Sardinians have in significant amounts.
So this is a very imperfect run. It is self-admittedly very chunky and will be improved in the future. Please don't assume for now any 1-2% of anything is actually something.

AJ2 is Dan Vorhaus from Genomes Unzipped.
Some considerations:
SWFrance is from Gascony and shows large "Basque5" as expected.
Germany1 has much Rhineland ancestry, and also has much "Basque5".
Southern Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary appear to have more significative "2nd Wave" than more northern populations, which I assume would be present in neighbouring populations as well. Raetic, a relative of Etruscan, was spoken in the region in pre-Roman times.
PonticCaspian has mostly southern steppe and whereabouts origins. He has very high levels of "Chuvash5" relative to "Basque5".
Some Americans have Southern European ancestry.
Balanced "Chuvash5"+"Basque5" elements in Southeasterner populations closer to the Fertile Crescent may correspond to an "Inner-Core" component including diversity present in both "outer-core" components and thus not the product of West Wave/East Wave admixture.

I'll post more, better results in the near future.

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