Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Narrowing the Submission Window

I have received a number of samples already in the last few days. Please don't send the files attached straightaway, only ancestral information you feel comfortable sharing.

Everyone who already received a reply will have their samples analyzed in a repeat of a few experiments I've done here previously, to be published probably during the weekend.

I can't accept any more recently mixed samples from multiple origins right now, but promise a new opportunity later.

I'm narrowing the window, since I want to retry the approach with first just a few extra dozen samples of known ancestry. I'm only accepting for now:
1. Samples with 3 or 4 grandparents ancestrally from a single country/region.
2. Samples with two clear ancestral origins if one of them is unusual and absent from my current populations. For instance someone with an Indonesian grandparent but 3 European ones would be eligible.
3. Any sample with likely more than 5% Amerindian admixture may also be acceptable, case by case.

I won't include any samples submitted from now on, even if eligible, in my first runs. I'll repeat the runs later with the newer samples.



  1. Thanks you for accepting my data Artemis! I look forward to seeing.

    Of course for clarity to make sure that ADMIXTURE does not create any meaningless clusters you are not accepting peoples relatives correct?

  2. Of course, I'm not interested in samples from relatives of participants.