Sunday, 17 April 2011

Unsupervised Northern Eurasia+new samples part 1

I've rerun my previous unsupervised analysis of Northern Eurasia at K=7 with the new data. First part is about East Asia. I have a new Korean sample and two Philippine ones both from the Visayas.
Results are basically identical, I'm only providing the new ones and a few reference populations. The colours are different and the bars have components in different positions.

The spreadsheet will follow at the end of both parts.

Korea1 is from Southeast South Korea.
Both Philippines samples are from the Visayas.
Philippines2 has some known minor Spanish ancestry.

The purple component peaks in Fertile Crescent populations. Red in Papuans. Pink in Siberians and dark blue in Amerindians. I believe as I said previously that yellow and light blue are somehow related to the two cores of the Chinese Neolithic (Yellow and Yangtze Rivers), a "Siberian" related expansion, explaining the presence of these elements in the populations analysed.

Part II of the same run will present the new data for the West.
Yesterday's spreadsheet.

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